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Biến dòng đo lường MR-85

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MR Current transformer is a very useful device, it converts high AC current to small easily manageable value. If current transformers have no busbar, they are manufactured without primary winding. Instead of this, it is possible to constitute primary winding by passing conductor or busbar inside torpidly core of transformer. Furthermore, the secondary terminals are under a transparent sealable covers.

MR are manufactured in two types for measuring and protection.



1.1:The accuracy class is designed by the highest permissible percentage current (ratio)

error at the rated current perscribed for the accuracy class concerned.

2. The  Electronic Transformer s the standard sillicon steel core models,tape wrapping current transformer, low cost.

3. The  measuring current transformers can be used with or without foot and plastic cover.


IEC6044-1, EN60044-1, VDE0414-44-1, GB1208-2008

Technical Index:


Electrical Parameter Mechanical Parameter
Frequency 50/60Hz Case PC/UL94-V0
Rated Input 30A-5000A Bobbin PBT
Measuring range 5%In-120%In Core Silicon steel
Rated Output 1A,5A Construction Screw
Ratio Voltage 0.72KV (AC) Operating Temp -25℃~+75℃
Dielectric strength 3.0KV/1mA/1min Operating Humidity ≤85%
Insulation Resistance DC500V/100MΩ min Output Connection Terminal

Technical Parameter


Model Primary / Secondary Busbar Hole Dimensions(mm) Rated Burden (VA) Accuracy Class Rated Voltage
MR-28 50/5A~100/5A φ=28mm 1.5~2.5 0.5 / 1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-40 100/5A~300/5A φ=40mm 1.5~5 0.5 / 1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-42 100/5A~300/5A φ=42mm 1.5~5 0.5 / 1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-45 250/5A~400/5A φ=45mm 3.75~7.5 0.5 / 1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-60 300/5A~800/5A φ=60mm 3.75~10 0.5 / 1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-70 600/5A~1600/5A φ=70mm 5~15 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-85 600/5A~1600/5A φ=85mm 5~15 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
MR-125 2000/5A~5000/5A φ=125mm 15~30 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)


Dimension of case (mm):

Accuracy class characteristics:

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